About Missions And Multiplayer


What are missions? Structured experiences. You get a briefing, you have a series of goals, and you get evaluated on your performance. If you succeed, you get rewarded for your efforts.

Realism and fun are not mutually exclusive. We worked hard to make our fun missions realistic, and to make our realistic missions fun.

If you haven’t tried the missions yet, you’re missing out. The best part is that the missions we shipped on the DVD are just the beginning. Passionate individuals and organizations in the community have already started making missions of their own, and there are some real creative geniuses at work out there.


And multiplayer? What’s so fun about flying around with other people? Well, you can fly with other people from around the world. You can simulate realistic scenarios with some people acting as pilots, and others acting as air traffic controllers. You can practice formation flying. Landings. Mock dog fighting. You can share your aircraft with another user. And through it all, you can communicate with each other in your own voices. Imagine flying a Boeing 747 into Las Vegas at night with a retired real-world airline pilot from Paris as your co-pilot, and a kid from Russia as the Tower controller, and you’ll begin to get a sense of what’s possible.

From virtual airlines, to small flying clubs, to huge organizations that offer simulated air traffic control on dedicated servers, there’s lots of interesting stuff going on in the world of multiplayer.

See you online!

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