Aeroplane Heaven’s Piper Aztec Lands Exclusively On FSX:SE

From the talented team at Aeroplane Heaven comes the latest addition to FSX: Steam Edition’s impressive fleet of Pipers, the Aztec PA-23-250-D. This Aztec variant is an upgraded version of the original Piper PA-23, formerly named Apache, which features two 250hp Lycoming O-540 engines, a longer nose for baggage storage, six seats, a swept vertical tail, and revised instrument panels and controls.

In the world of FSX: Steam Edition, GA twin-engine props such as these can be flown out of most airfields and airports, and can also be used in Multiplayer mode for short to mid-range group flights and fly-ins. The Aztec is perfect for both VFR and IFR flying. Remember, just as in the real world, flaps should not be used for takeoff!

Aeroplane Heaven’s Piper Aztec includes:

  • Altimatic MkIII autopilot system.
  • Toggleable complete suite of modern avionics, including a GPS.
  • Toggleable yokes, engine levers.
  • Trimmers are in the overhead panel and operate as cranks and the visors can be swung down and laterally via the mouse.
  • A kneeboard checklist containing accurate steps for a cold and dark start up and shutdown.
  • High quality paint kit

Aztec Tips & Tricks

  • Shift+E opens the main cabin door and pushes the co-pilot seat back in the VC.
  • Shift+E/2 opens the forward luggage hatch.
  • Shift+E/3 opens the rear luggage hatch and remove pilots and toggles preflight flags, chocks etc.

This gorgeous aircraft is now available exclusively from the FSX: Steam Edition store. Click here to find out more!

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