Aerosoft F-16 Fighting Falcon Updated With RNLAF Liveries

Greetings virtual pilots! Today, the Steam Edition of Aerosoft’s F-16 Fighting Falcon has been updated to include four eye-popping Royal Netherlands Air Force liveries:

  • F-16AM RNLAF, J-204, 323 Squadron, Leeuwarden AFB
  • F-16AM RNLAF, J-876, Polly’s 65th, 322 Squadron, Leeuwarden AFB
  • F-16AM RNLAF, J-055, 313 Squadron DEMO, Volkel AFB
  • F-16AM Smokewinder

If you have automatic downloads enabled, you should receive them as soon as you open Steam.

Happy flying!

-FSX: Steam Edition Team

Don’t have the F-16? Click here to add this fierce bird to your FSX:SE collection!
image002 Smokewinder (1)

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