Take A Bite Out Of The Big Apple With Manhattan X

Created for Aerosoft by Andras Kozma, Manhattan X provides the ultimate Big Apple experience for helicopter and general aviation enthusiasts.

Fly amongst New York’s most iconic buildings, practice your landing skills on four heliports, and put your skills to the test in the Manhattan helicopter tour mission. The island is brought to life with AI ship traffic, detailed buildings, and reflective light effects.

Manhattan X features high-density scenery and advanced shading throughout the entirety of Manhattan Island. Manhattan X is best explored with small aircraft and helicopters. Even if you prefer to fly larger aircraft, you`ll still enjoy the view when you approach nearby airports!

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“This can be considered as one of those must have sceneries, so much entertainment for such a relatively small area. I know the scenery is not advertised as being 100% accurate but I truly felt I was there.

This scenery is well ahead of anything else available both in quality and performance. A definite thumbs up and recommendation from me. If you are not into helicopters then learn!” – Mutley’s Hangar. Click here for the full review.

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