Aircraft of the Week: Lockheed Electra 10E

The Electra 10E is a twin-engine airliner released by Lockheed in 1934. Most famous for being flown by Amelia Earhart in her ill-fated attempt at flying around the world, this all-metal monoplane was the first of its kind. Not only was it one of the first aircraft with retractable landing gears to come equipped with mudflaps, but it was the first Lockheed aircraft to feature a double tail, which is now a trademark of the manufacturer. Out of 148 Electras built, 15 of them were 10E models.

 Ceiling: 20,000 ft Max Weight: 10,500 lbs
Top Speed: 192 kts Empty Weight: 6,454 lb
Range: 825.5 nm Height: 10’1 ft
Wingspan: 55 ft Length: 38’7 ft

AmeliaElectras were used primarily for corporate transport and to cover long distances, making them ideal for Amelia Earhart to use in her travels. The fuselage in the 10E she flew had been modified to allow for a larger fuel tank. She affectionately dubbed her aircraft “The Flying Laboratory”.

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Additional information provided by PilotFriend and can be found here.

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