An Introduction to Dangerous Approaches

We hope you’re enjoying the all new Dangerous Approaches DLC for FSX: Steam Edition from acclaimed developer, Jane Rachel Whittaker.

The pack brings together 20 of the most challenging aviation approaches around the World, each with adrenalin charged mission that separate the amateur aviators from the professional pilots. All of the flights in Dangerous Approaches have been set up by default to use aircraft supplied to you within FSX: Steam Edition, or you can swap the default aircraft for any in your collection; you can even adjust the weather to make the challenges even more spectacular! Each flight has been designed to be flown by following the flight plan automatically provided within the flight simulator’s GPS for each mission. Flight durations vary from 30 minutes to over three hours and follow actual flight plans used by the airlines and general aviation aircraft.

To get started, each mission, complete with a briefing, can be found from within the Missions screen of FSX: Steam Edition. Change the category using the drop down menu and select ‘Dangerous Approaches’ to list each mission in the display window.

To download the product manual for Dangerous Approaches and all other product manuals for FSX: Steam Edition and add-ons, go to our Support pages at

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