Arctic Rescue Coming Soon to FSX: Steam Edition

It takes a special kind of pilot to be a rescue pilot. While most pilots actively avoid dangerous weather conditions and certainly don’t go out of their way to perform difficult landings, these are all essential skills for the rescue pilot.

Arguably, the finest rescue pilots in the world are those who operate deep in the Arctic Circle, pushing man and machine to the limits of endurance over some of the most hostile terrain on Earth.

Developed by Jane Whittaker, the acclaimed author of Dangerous Approaches and Cargo Crew mission packs, Arctic Rescue features the iconic EH101 Merlin rescue helicopter included in FSX: Steam Edition as well as custom rescue liveries for the the Cessna Grand Caravan and Maule Orion. These aircraft make up an adaptable fleet able to respond to any incident, and form the backbone of rescue operations around the world.

From searching for lost ships in poor weather, to dramatic landings on frozen tundra or rescuing casualties from a ferocious fire, Arctic Rescue challenges you to complete 20 missions, responding to a wide range of adrenalin pumping emergencies that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Any rescue pilot will tell you that they never quite know what lies ahead when they respond to a distress call. All they know is that these are calls that must be answered regardless of the weather conditions, terrain, or operational difficulties. Once the “Scramble! Scramble!” message is received over your radio, there is no turning back!

All the missions are fully voiced by a team of professional actors, acting as your co-pilot and mission control, ensuring you will not have to face the rigours of the Arctic alone. Additionally, Arctic Rescue includes scores of custom models and animations such as: distressed cargo vessels, road vehicles trapped in the depths of a blizzard, lost hikers, and dramatic burning buildings. This mission pack fully immerses you in your role as you face the dual challenges of surviving in the inhospitable Arctic Circle and dealing with major emergencies as they unfold before your eyes!

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