Dangerous Approaches – Out Now

The first of four exciting new packs for Microsoft Flight Simulator: Steam Edition from acclaimed developer Jane Rachel Whittaker is out now and available to purchase on Steam.

Dangerous Approaches is a mission pack consisting of 20 of the most nail-biting approaches in modern aviation. Following routes flown by real-world pilots, accuracy in speed and direction is of the essence.

Each mission starts in a default FSX: Steam Edition aircraft picked specifically for each approach, although any aircraft may be used on any of the flights. The flight plans are pre-loaded into the GPS of the aircraft to give you the best chance of landing these approaches.


  • 20 nail-biting missions ranging from 20 minutes to three hours
  • 30+ hours of flight time
  • Pre-programmed weather settings varying from sunny skies to blizzards to thunderstorms
  • Successful landings are recorded in the FSX Logbook
  • Featuring voiceovers by Angel Heaven Lee

FSX Admin

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