Dangerous Approaches: Your Questions Answered!

I wanted to post a brief list of frequently asked questions, based on queries posed by the flight simulation community, which I really hope will help enhance your enjoyment of Dangerous Approaches. I am delighted to so many of you are having a great time mastering some of the trickiest approaches in the world. Don’t forget to continue sharing your screenshots and videos with us. We have already seen some amazing landings shared with the community!

ATC: I have been asked a number of times about the use of ATC within the missions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use ATC in these flights due to a limitation of the core simulation. The ATC pulls you off your flight plan some 40-50 miles from the airport and directs you to a runway. As a third party developer, this is an issue that I have no control over.  With the topography of most airports this is fine, although it renders the true approach impossible to fly. However, with these dangerous approaches the in-built ATC has a habit of directing you in to the side of a mountain or getting horribly confused. The final 40 or 50 miles of your GPS flight plan will always be completely ignored by the ATC system for any flight plan created, which rather ruins the opportunity to fly the approach accurately. The default ATC simply does not understand how these approaches have to be flown to be safe it will, for example, happily fly you in to the side of a mountain. To get around this, your GPS is loaded with the STAR (the standard terminal arrival route) used by real airlines. Following the GPS will, on nearly all of the approaches, line you up with the centreline of the arrival runway with the exact procedures used by the real airlines. At the very small airports (which have no real-life ATC tower), you will be guided to the airport, and the choice of runway is then yours. This is considerably more realistic than the ATC for these airports. In fact, each flight plan and approach was developed from current aviation charts. They have been entered in to the GPS system using custom waypoints taken directly from current navigational data.

Mission Success Rewards: ALL of the missions will generate an award – be it a gold, silver or bronze medal – which persists in your pilot logbook based on the complexity of the approach. Please note that to win that award, you must perform a textbook landing on the runway, landing in the first third of the runway, aligned with the centreline, a safe touchdown rate etc. In short, you need to make a perfect landing! You should also slow to below 10kts or a full stop on the runway. The mission will then signal success to you and you will be given your award. Landing long on the runway, landing fast, at a bad angle etc will not give you these awards! It took me a few attempts at many of these airports, but that is half the fun. If you don’t get a success message and an award it is a signal that your landing was less than perfect. Many of these airports in the real world require specially certified aircraft crews who have practiced repeatedly for many months. In the simulation, the only thing we can damage is our pride, so keep having a go and most of all, have fun!

Flight Plans:- Flight plans have been included in the GPS for your convenience. However, if you wish to fly your own route that is fine. Mission rewards will still be triggered and give to you for a great landing. Please bear in mind the ATC limitations above. These are true missions, not a set of flight plans. They are there for your convenience to complete these missions. However, as stated above, please note that the flight plans included are accurate and current in accordance with real-world operations.

Manual: The manual link can be found on the right side of the Steam sales page, in the DLC folder of your root FSX folder, and here. Please take the time to read it, it has a lot in there, including descent calculations etc.

I hope that this helps with enjoyment of Dangerous Approaches. I am very keen not to be a “release and forget” developer and will do all I can to continue to offer support to all of you as you enjoy flying these incredible and dangerous approaches.

Dangerous Approaches can be found on Steam at: http://store.steampowered.com/app/343955/


Jane Whittaker

Jane Whittaker is a leading aviation and transport journalist. Along with being the Assistant Editor of PC Pilot Magazine she is a regular contributor to a wide range of magazines, including Airliner World, in addition to writing pilot tutorials and training guides for aircraft, including the Boeing and Airbus fleets. She also regularly contributes to Sky News and the BBC as a technical advisor on aviation matters.