Embraer E-Jets Configuration Tool Walkthrough

One of the many perks of FeelThere’s Embraer E-Jets add-on is that it works in conjunction with the FSX Embraer E-Jets Configuration Tool. This free, easy-to-use tool adds another dimension of customization to your Embraer E-Jets experience.

How To Install The Embraer E-Jets Configuration Tool

Firstly, the Configuration Tool will need to be downloaded. To do this navigate to the Tools section within Steam. This can be found in the drop down field when hovering over Library. See the screenshot below as a visual aid.

Orbx Config

After the Tools button has been clicked you will be presented with a list of all available tools that can be downloaded. To find the Embraer E-Jets Configuration Tool, either look through the list of tools or use the search bar in the top left. The tool you are looking for is called ‘FSX Embraer E-Jets Configuration Tool’. Once the tool has been found, simply double click it or right click and press Install Game, after this the tool will be downloaded just as a game would be from the games library.

Launching the Configuration Tool

Anytime you want to open the tool and customise your FeelThere Embraer E-Jets experience, you simply have to navigate to the Tools library and double click on the ‘FSX Embraer E-Jets Configuration Tool’ entry. After doing this the tool will pop up and you can go ahead and use it.

The configuration tool itself is not very complex. The screenshot below is an example of how the configuration tool will look.


The first set of options, Preferences, allows you to control top of descent (TOD) pause, joystick v. autopilot interaction, battery life, nose wheel turn limiter, co-pilot callouts, and using the default autopilot for altitude hold.

Load Manager (see above image) enables you to alter the payload (cargo, passengers, etc).

Displays allows you to select your preferred units for pressure and weight. Adjusting the sliders on this page increases/decrease the indicated gauge refresh rate. Decreasing refresh rates will result in higher scenery performance within FSX: Steam Edition. Each computer system is different, so you will need to try different settings to maximize game performance.

FPS is used to decrease or increase the refresh rates of the gauges in the virtual cockpit of the aircraft (PFD, MFD, EICAS, ISI, and FMS)

Startup set the condition of the aircraft when loading into FSX:SE: cold & dark, ready to start, engines running and standard or widescreen panel.

Sound sets the master volume for the panel’s custom gauges

Joystick sets the joystick, or yoke, buttons to control Touch Control Steering (TCS), autopilot quick disconnect and TO/GA.

IRS allows you to select/deselect IRS drift.

Keyboard allows for  keyboard personalization relevant to the panels provided in the aircraft.

If you have any questions about the Embraer E-Jets config tool, please click here to be directed to our support team.

Happy flying!

-Dovetail Games FSX: Steam Edition team

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