Fixing the Black Screen in REX4 Texture Direct

Following feedback from the community, we have been investigating an issue which has affected the REX4 Texture Direct Add-On for FSX: Steam Edition, resulting in a black screen. After working extensively with the developer, we are pleased to say we have a fix which we have detailed for you below. We would like to thank our players for bringing this to our attention.

The black screen some of you are experiencing is associated with the SQL Local DB not starting up on your PC when REX4 Texture Direct is opened. This is not a bug in the software itself, but rather on the PC instead, potentially caused by a corrupt install.

  1. Click here to download a file.
  2. Once the download has completed, extract the file using your software of choice. This can be extracted anywhere on your machine.01
  3. After extracting the file,  right click on sqlprocess.bat and run the file as an administrator. A window will now appear, please press “Yes”.02
  4. After running the .bat file, the command box will appear.
    03The first line “SQLLocalDB.exe i” displays the current information for the install (“MSSQLLocalDB v11.0”). This screenshot was taken on a machine with a normal install, so the information may vary on your machine if you have a corrupt install. The file is now paused, so press any key to continue.

    The next line after continuing “SQLLocalDB.exe p “v11.0”” is to stop the current version of the SQL Local DB so that it can be deleted and then re-created. The “p” in this line means stop. The file is now paused, so press any key to continue.

  5. After continuing, the file will delete your current Local DB. This is shown in the command window as “SQLLocalDB.exe d “v11.0””. The “d” in this line means delete. The file is now paused, press any key to continue.04 

    For complete clarity, the files deleted using this .bat file are shown below. These files are only related to your instance of Local DB and are safe to delete and recreate.05

  6. 6. Since we deleted the instance of your Local DB we need to recreate it. The next line in the command window does this. 
    06The first new line, “SQLLocalDB.exe c “v11.0””, is used to recreate your Local DB. The “c” in this line

    means create. This may take a minute to complete. Once it is complete the file will be paused, press any key to continue.

    This is now the final part, restarting your Local DB. The line for this is “SQLLocalDB.exe s “v11.0””. This “s” in this line means start. The Local DB has now been completely refreshed and restarted. The file is now paused, press any key to exit the command window.

  7. Your Local DB should now contain no corrupt files. You can now launch REX 4 Texture Direct and enjoy!

Happy flying!

-FSX: Steam Edition team


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