Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition Premium Collection is Here!

Improve your entire flight simulation experience with the FSX: Steam Edition Premium add-On collection, now available on Steam. This exciting package allows you to customize your virtual land, skies, and fleet with the best titles from acclaimed developers A2A Simulations, Orbx, REX, and FS2Crew.

REX Texture Direct 4 is the latest version of the acclaimed Texture Direct series by flight sim veterans Real Environment Xtreme. Not only do you get additional weather texture customization options such as low mid- and high level clouds, 14 types of lightening, and an array of thunder effects with Texture Direct 4, but it is jam-packed with over 16G of additional texture files! Everything is covered from runway dirt and tire marks to detailed taxiways. Also included are REX’s high quality water rendering effects allowing you to reach the absolute height of realism in your FSX: Steam Edition experience.

FTX Trees HD, developed by the undisputed kings of scenery, Orbx Simulation Systems, is the perfect accompaniment to REX’s ground textures. FTX Trees HD is a complete overhaul of FSX: Steam Edition’s autogen tree textures. The new textures are double the resolution of default trees, resulting in greater detail, and are derived from high-resolution photos of real trees for maximum realism. Use FTX Trees HD in conjunction with REX Texture Direct4 to build on what FSX: Steam Edition has to offer for a dazzling in-game environment.

Now that you have your scenery, weather, and textures sorted, it’s time to customize your ride! A2A Simulation’s Accu-Feel provides the ultimate physics overhaul for your aircraft, instantly boosting your virtual aviation experience. Customize your aircraft’s behaviour, from the level of turbulence and drag rumble experienced in different flying conditions to the amount of tire screech on touchdown. From the volume of wind noise caused by opening a cockpit window to the amount of drag experienced when landing on water, Accu-Feel allows you to control your flying experience in minute detail.

If that wasn’t enough authenticity for you, FSX: Steam Edition’s Premium Collection also comes with 3D Lights Redux, also by A2A Simulations. 3D Lights Redux gives all core FSX aircraft and select add-on aircraft an entirely new suite of lights and effects. 3D Lights REDUX works by casting realistic light out into 3D space, creating stunning visuals and a more immersive flying experience.

Now that your aircraft looks and feels fabulous, keep safe while you fly with RAAS Professional from FS2Crew. Based on the Honeywell RAAS unit (Runway Awareness and Advisory System), this add-on models the aural ‘Smart Landing’ and ‘Smart Runway’ systems. These calls offer improved situational awareness for pilots in an effort to help reduce the risk of runway incursions and accidents by providing aural alerts during taxi, take-off, final approach and landing/roll-out operations, especially useful in instrument meteorological conditions.

FSX: Steam Edition’s Premium Collection provides the best titles in customization and realism add-ons, no matter how you like to fly!

The Premium Collection features the following add-ons:

The Premium Collection is now available from the Steam store here or bundled with FSX: Steam Edition here. Please note that the Premium Collection consists of add-ons, so you will still need FSX: Steam Edition to play!

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The multi-award winning Microsoft Flight Simulator X has landed on Steam along with 100+ add-ons from the best publishers and developers. Take off from anywhere in the world, flying some of the world’s most iconic aircraft to any one of 24,000 destinations. Take to the skies in the world’s favorite flight simulator!