Fly Safe With RAAS Pro For FSX: Steam Edition

RAAS Professional (Runway Awareness and Advisory System) is a soundpack for FSX: Steam Edition which models the aural ‘Smart Landing’ and ‘Smart Runway’ calls included in the real-world Honeywell RAAS unit. These calls offer improved situational awareness for pilots in an effort to help reduce the risk of runway incursions and accidents by providing aural alerts during taxi, takeoff, final approach and landing/roll-out operations.

RAAS can let you know whether you are going too fast or slow on approach, which taxiway or runway you are on, if you need to extend/retract flaps, and how much runway you have left while taking off or landing.

The software is professional grade, highly configurable, and is ideal for power users who want to model airline-specific options and who want maximum control over how RAAS functions in flight simulator.

Developers FS2Crew modelled every system with an eye toward achieving ultimate technical accuracy. Raas Pro is built directly into FSX: Steam Edition with no need to launch an external application. This add-on works with all aircraft, and powerful user options give you complete control over RAAS, and allow for complete customization to match you or (your Virtual Airline’s) specific needs. You can even create separate RAAS profiles for different aircraft!

Here’s a sneak peek of what RAAS Prosounds like:

For full details on this fabulous add-on, click here.

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