Freeware Friday #6: Robert James Richardson’s Cessna 310Q

In the sixth edition of Freeware Friday, flight simulation guru and Youtuber Novawing24 continues his countdown of top 10 freeware add-ons for FSX: Steam Edition: 

The Cessna 310 was a long-serving low-wing monoplane that was a feature of skies all around the world during the 1960s through the 1990’s. A sleek zippy little commuter aircraft that found its niche as an executive and commuter transport. It holds a small piece of aviation history as the first twin-engine Cessna built after WWII. Slightly unusual in its appearance with the tip tanks, this aircraft is small, light and a bucket ton of fun to fly. This is also a great showcase of one the quiet and less well known, yet I feel one of the best, freeware developers out there. Like Piglet Robert James Richardson produces some of the more unusual aircraft for FSX and his whole collection is fantastic!

005 B

You can find this quirky aircraft here: (It’s about half way down the page)

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Tristan (aka Novawing24) is a self-professed flight simulation addict and YouTuber. His YouTube channel and live streams are popular among the flight simulation community. His favorite add-ons are the J-160 Jabiru and Active Sky Next.