FSUIPC now supports FSX: Steam Edition

First published on pcpilot.net, 21 December 2014

Pete Dowson, creator of the invaluable and powerful flight sim utility FSUIPC, has announced that he has updated his module to now work with FSX: Steam Edition.

FSUIPC is a software tool which allows third-party programs to interact with the ‘inner workings’ of FSX and also gives users access to the many variables present in Microsoft’s Flight Simulator.

A number of third-party software programs depend on FSUIPC to functional correctly. So, before this update was released, a number of add-ons would not work with FSX: Steam Edition. This update should correct many of the outstanding issues and a lot more add-ons should now work with FSX: Steam Edition.

You can obtain the latest version of FSUIPC from the following website:http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html. Please note that although the file name on this website currently states ‘FSUIPC4 4.937’, the file downloaded is actually the latest version: ‘FSUIPC4 4.938’.

Derek Davis

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