FSX Insider Interviews Novawing24

Novawing24 is a well-known flight simmer and YouTuber who caught our attention with his reviews and videos of FSX: Steam Edition and add-ons. This week, FSX Insider was lucky enough to catch him in between flights for a quick interview:

Name: Novawing24 (aka Tristan)

YouTube URL: http://youtube.com/novawing24

Home airport: YBBN – Brisbane International (I can see aircraft using runway 19 for take off from my desk)

How did you get into flight simulation?

My dad was a professional pilot his entire life. He did everything from doing contract work delivering aircraft all over the world through to being a Chief pilot of two airlines before he retired. I had always imagined and dreamed of following into the family business as it was, however I was diagnosed with insulin-dependant diabetes when I was in high school so that put an end to that dream. I left aviation alone for a number of years only dabbling occasionally in arcade-esq flying games like HAWX or Top Gun, but was enticed into simulation with the release of Microsoft Flight. Before I knew it I was hooked, and aviation was no longer a bittersweet thing to watch. Virtual aviation became something I actively enjoyed. I was found all over the servers enjoying a community which I hadn’t realized existed and meeting people from all over the world who shared my newfound passion. I was fortunate enough to join a fledgling new group who would later become msFlights.net.

What prompted you to start a YouTube channel?

To be honest, it was a way for me to escape the stress of my real world job. Just something to muck around with. I didn’t really think much more of it than that. I was encouraged by many viewers to develop my channel and to curate not only my thoughts about flight simulation and gaming in general, but also to express my creativity. I love being able to give back to the community that has given me so much. Recently, it has also given me a strength of purpose and confidence that I thank all of my viewers for.

What are your favourite add-ons to use in FSX: Steam Edition (aircraft/scenery/tools):

That is such a hard question to answer! For scenery I must admit I love flying in New Zealand, I imported the Orbx north and south island from my boxed edition installation into Steam edition. The variety of scenery is simply breathtaking. I spent a bit of time there when I was growing up and it is almost as incredible in simulation as it is in real life!

In terms of aircraft, the fast movers are fun, but I like my flying low and relaxed. I have to admit that since it’s release I have been spending a lot of time in the Iris Simulations Grob G115 / Tutor Mk 1. She is quick, agile and just a sheer joy to fly. In terms of tools, I dabble a bit in airport design and update, so I find the Airport Design Editor from ScruffyDuck software absolutely essential. Another piece of software that I could not live without would be Plan-G, it makes group flights and flight planning a breeze!

Do you fly socially, solo, or both?

I enjoy both! I will often be found hanging around one of the msFlights.net servers (either Boxed edition or the msFlights.net AU server on Steam) With a very odd and hectic real world job I can be on at some odd hours. I try to join as many community events as I can, though VATSIM is something I have never tried but might do one day soon. Additionally I host semi-regular group flights in both Steam and Boxed editions in conjunction with msFlights.net. I hold a tour of Australia Sunday nights Australian time (1100Z) and a Steam Tour of New Zealand on Wednesday nights Australian time (1100Z). Head over to their website to see some of the group flights coming up soon! If I am flying off line then it is usually testing something new, whether it be me trying to sharpen some skills, testing a new aircraft or manoeuvre or even new repaints and scenery! What I love about flight simulation is the sense that no matter where we all are in the world, there is a true sense of camaraderie about our passion for simulation.

Do you just fly and review?

I like to think that I am giving back to a community and a world that has given me so much, so I look for ways to do so where I can. As well as offering honest forthright reviews and opinion pieces, I also turn my skills to offering the community scenery and livery updates for Flight Simulatior. I offer a small selection of “tweaked” default and fictional airports – mostly as part of my ongoing Australia Tour Series. Beyond that, I built many model kits as the years have gone by so I like to offer people alternative liveries to wear on their aircraft. Initially I did this for Microsoft Flight but as I became more and more involved with FSX I branched out into providing texture updates to aircraft, both free and payware. I occasionally feature these on my YouTube channel, but if you want to see the range I have to offer head over to my OneDrive http://tinyurl.com/novawing24-onedrive

Hardware/PC specifications:

Intel i7 9750K @ 4.44GHz (H100 water cooled)
Nvidia GTX780Ti 3GB x2 in SLI
120GB SSD for OS
2TB HDD for Video editing / Other Games
512GB SSD for FSX

3x 23” monitors

Saitek X-55 Rhino
TrackIR Pro5
Logitech 950 Webcam
Plantronics 780 headset
Here are a few of the FSX: Steam Edition add-ons Novawings24 has reviewed so far:

We would like to thank Novawing24 for taking the time to speak with us. To see these videos and more, visit and subscribe to his YouTube channel here: http://youtube.com/novawing24

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