FSX Insider Meets A Real Life Skychaser

A few weeks ago, a couple of us from the FSX: Steam Edition team were lucky enough to travel to Lt. Grandsten Airfield in Bedford, UK to talk to Mark Jefferies, an Extra 330SC aerobatic pilot, to find out what flying the aircraft was really like.

Mark Jefferies started flying in 1980 & has flown over 130 different types of aircraft from Microlites to L29, Hawker Hunter and Hawk jets. He has approximately 3000 hrs experience and has been a British aerobatic champion at all levels throughout the years, British Aerobatic team member 10 times. Air display flying started in 1984 and now he has flown shows in numerous aircraft around Europe and have flown by invitation in Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Romania, Slovenia, Germany, Holland, Turkey, Switzerland, France, Spain, South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Malta.


In 1997, Jefferies flew in the southern hemisphere Reno race, Tasmania. He holds a BCPL with Display authorization issued by the CAA giving display permission to 30 ft fly past and 50ft unlimited aerobatics in group A & B aircraft. For the L-29 jet and YAK 3 & 11 the minimum heights are 100ft fly past and 200ft aerobatics. Jefferies is formation qualified as leader of large formations flying with the Aerostars for 4 years in number 2, 4, 6 & 7 positions. Additionally he has flown as a stunt pilot for films and flies in the Aero-GP contests.

For more information on Mark Jefferies, visit his website at airdisplays.com

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