FSX Steam Edition: Faster than Boxed!

First published on pcpilot.net, 20 December 2014

Since its release on Thursday, reports have been circulating various flight sim-related forums which suggest that users of FSX: Steam Edition are seeing a marked improvement in performance and frame rates compared to their boxed edition.

We can also confirm here at PC Pilot that we have noticed that FSX: Steam Edition does perform more ‘smoothly’ when compared to its boxed counterpart – running on the same PC.

To confirm this more scientifically, we ran a simple comparison frame rate test: first in FSX: Steam Edition and again in FSX: Boxed Edition.

Scenario set-up
Aircraft: Trike Ultralight (sitting on runway)
Location: Seattle International
Runway: 16R
View: External – Rear view
Display Settings – Highest levels – in both versions
Target frame rate – Set to ‘Unlimited’

FSX: Boxed Edition=11-14 fps.
FSX: Steam Edition=27-29 fps.

So, in this, admittedly, simple experiment on our test machine, we found that frame rates in FSX: Steam Edition were double those found in the boxed version – with all variables being equal.

We will be investigating this further in a future issue of PC Pilot.

Happy landings!

Derek Davis

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