Huge Sale Across Hundreds of Add-ons for FSX: Steam Edition

We’ve got some cracking deals across hundreds of add-ons for FSX:SE. Whether you’re looking for some new aircraft, missions or scenery then you’re going to be spoilt for choice.

Head on over to this link for the full list, or read on below to see a few of our favorites.

Airbus A318/A319 + A320/A321

A slick deal Fly-by-wire fans with 20% off Aerosoft’s A318/A319/A320 and A321.

Airbus A318 / A319:
Airbus A320 / A321:

Cessna 172N Skyhawk II

A real classic training aircraft, the Cessna 172 is a staple for learner pilots all over the world.

Cessna C172N:

REX Soft Clouds

REX Soft Clouds is a volumetric-like soft cloud texture add-on, designed to give a true volumetric feel to clouds and recreate the experience of volumetric haze and fog.

Redefine the cloud line today:

YF-23 Blackwidow

As rare as it is menacing-looking, the YF-23 is an experimental single-seat stealth fighter aircraft built for the USAF in 1989 as a technology testbed and demonstrator.

Very few people are aware of the true capabilities of the YF-23, so flying the FSX: Steam Edition version is an incredibly unique experience!

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