Installing & Using Active Sky Next: Steam Edition

Active Sky Next: Steam Edition is a weather engine developed by Hifi Technologies, which provides an entirely new level of realism to your FSX: Steam Edition experience! With Active Sky Next, you can implement live weather anywhere in the world, create custom weather systems, even program your own thunderstorms and hurricanes! Whether you prefer heavy turbulence or clear skies, Active Sky Next contains a multitude of tools for customizing your virtual weather.

For those of you unfamiliar with Active Sky Next and how to use it, our friend Novawing24 has put together the following beginner’s guide complete with Steam installation instructions:

Do you have any further questions on how to use Active Sky Next? Pop them in the comments section below!

Active Sky Next: Steam Edition is now available to purchase from our FSX:SE Steam Store. Click here for more details.

Happy flying!

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