It’s All Greek To Me!

Greetings virtual pilots! Spring is fast coming, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t yearning for warmer days. Luckily, the team at FSDG Online have created three gorgeous Greek airport/scenery packages complete with sand and surf: Thessaloniki (pictured above), Heraklion, and Kastellorizo.

Makedonia Airport LGTS (Also known as Thessaloniki International Airport) is located about 15 km SE of the city centre. This airport serves almost 4 million passengers per year, and often gets completely fogged in, especially in the evening and early morning hours when wind is calm due to the humidity of the adjacent Thermaikos gulf. For this reason, ILS 16 and the runway & taxiway lights are CATII category for precision approaches down to 150ft above the runway and/or 450m visibility. On the other side, the approach is equally thrilling as you will have to stay alert for the uneven terrain and pay attention to rather steep descent before landing on RW34.

It will take you hours to explore this fabulous scenery add-on, which perfectly demonstrates the beauty of the area. Click here to visit the Steam page for more information.


Nikos Kazantzakis Airport (LGIR) in Heraklion (or Iraklion, if you prefer the Greek) is the second-busiest airport in Greece. Squeezed in between the sea and the city, it has one of the most scenic approaches in the Mediterranean. Heraklion’s location and pleasant climate make it an incredibly popular destination for many people. So popular in fact, that this airport will soon be replaced by a new one as it is no longer able to handle heavy traffic in the summer. That means the only way you will be able to visit this iconic airport is in the virtual world!

FSDG’s incarnation of Nikos Kazantzakis Airport (pictured above) is fully detailed complete with famous landmarks, high resolution ground textures, photo real terrain coverage of Heraklion, and custom terrain mesh. The airport itself features local apron vehicles along with realistic car traffic, complete and detailed airport lighting, and detailed 3D objects. Click here to visit the Heraklion Steam page for more information.



The tiny airport, the thrilling approach, the narrow margin between a good landing and a landing which ends in the perimeter fence: they make Kastellorizo (pictured above) a special destination for every pilot. ‘The Aegean Pearl’ has been recreated in its entirety for FSX: Steam Edition, including the rough mountains, the unique airport and the village of Kastellorizo itself. Every house in the village, the town hall, school, churches, hotels, bars, chapels, military installations and much more have been realistically recreated, and the shape of the whole island has been modelled manually in order to accurately recreate its outline.

Kastelorizo Airport (LGKJ) is rendered in high-detail, including a paved runway and apron, detailed models of the terminal buildings, realistic night lighting and more details like baggage carts, animated flags and passengers. Just like the real airport, there are no navaids (apart from the NDB) or ILS installed at the airport. Pilots have to call Info at 122.90 to avoid conflicts with other aircraft.

Be sure to watch out for the fences at both ends of the runway!

For more information on the Aegean Pearl, click here to be directed to the Steam page.

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