Just Flight’s Hawker Hurricane Lands on Steam

Scramble! Scramble!

A famous name from the 1940s comes to FSX: Steam Edition! The Hawker Hurricane lost out somewhat in the fame stakes to the much more renowned Spitfire, but the reality is that Hurricanes proved more effective than Spitfires in the Battle of Britain. It was a more robust aircraft, and its fabric-over-frame construction meant that it was cheaper and quicker to build and repair than the Spitfire with its monocoque all-metal construction. The prototype first flew on the 6th November, 1935, and the aircraft was steadily improved and altered to eventual production standard.

Developed by Just Flight, Battle of Britain Hurricane add-on for FSX: Steam Edition includes three versions of this remarkable aircraft, from the Prototype through the early Mk1 two-bladed Rotol propeller version to the Mk1’s more refined three-bladed propeller type. With an incredibly detailed cockpit, several model variations, exacting flight dynamics, realistic engine sounds and top quality paint schemes, the Hurricane makes an ideal stablemate for its famous sister, the Supermarine Spitfire, also available in the Steam store.


  • Highly detailed exterior models
  • High quality interactive 3D Virtual Cockpit
  • Realistic sounds
  • Canopy jettison feature
  • 11 authentic liveries
  • Animated pilot figure
  • Detailed Merlin engine visible
  • Numerous animations
  • High fidelity flight model
  • Detailed manual
  • Engine start and gun effects
  • Multiple viewpoints
  • Opening inspection hatches and a fully detailed exterior cockpit
  • Removable features include fuel tank cover, inspection panel on starboard side and gun hatches on wing

Includes Hawker Hurricane  Mk1 ‘Battle of France’ period model with wooden two-bladed propeller, ring-and-bead gun sight, fabric wings as well as Hawker Hurricane Mk1 ‘Battle of Britain’ period model

Interior models recreating early Hurricane with ring-and-bead gun sight as well as Mk1 production cockpit with reflector gunsight

  • Exterior models built following the most accurate plans available, to achieve highly accurate profiles and shapes
  • Features modelled fabric over stringer rear fuselage
  • Specular and bump mapped where appropriate
  • Engine start battery trolley
  • Virtual cockpits completely modelled to portray the real cockpit in full detail
  • Every switch, knob and lever works, most with bespoke animation code
  • Shadow textured where appropriate
  • Animations include sliding canopy, animated pilot figure, canopy jettison feature, undercarriage, movable radiator flap, retracting foot step and hand grabs, flaps, rudder, elevators, ailerons and trim tabs
  • Fuel tank cover can be removed to reveal tank, supply pipes and fittings
  • Inspection panel on starboard side can be removed to reveal cockpit detail
  • Gun hatches on wing can be removed to reveal Browning machine guns, ammunition feeders and fully modelled shells
  • Special effects include engine start smoke effect and gun firing effects and sounds
  • Highly detailed texture mapping without compromising frame rates
  • Layered paint kit included to help create your own liveries (suitable additional paint program such as Photoshop required)


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