New FSX: Steam Edition Player Support System

As part of our continued drive to improve customer services, from next Tuesday (19th of May 2015), we will be rolling out a new player support system across all of our titles. This new support system will replace the email-based system which we currently use and will allow us to answer queries from players more quickly and efficiently.

The new support system is hosted online and can be accessed using any Internet enabled device such as a PC, tablet or smartphone. The system will offer players access to a range of additional support features including:

• Easy tracking of support inquiries – players will be able to track their own calls, responses and history of previous support inquiries
• Access to a knowledge base that allows players to review frequently asked questions and known issues without needing to raise a support inquiry.

In preparation for this switch-over, we will be switching off our email support system on Monday (25th of May 2015) to new support inquiries. Please check back on our various community sites from Monday for more about our new support system.

DTG Aimee

Aimee Sanjari is a flight simmer, aviation enthusiast, and aspiring pilot originally from Elkhart, Indiana. Now living in Kent, she fills the role of Flight Simulation Brand Manager for Dovetail Games. She has previously contributed to PC Pilot and continues to be an active member of the flight simulation community.


  • If it is the same type of system that I usually end up using from other companies, then it is going to suck. Always requiring more usernames more passwords.. Use the simple sign up of 30 questions, usernames already being used, just to ask a question.. Which category does your question fall into? 1, 2 or 3.. NONE OF THE ABOVE… It’s NEVER in any of the above.. then you pick a random category, and find there are 3 extra sub levels of categories, taking you further and further away from knowing your question is going to the correct place….. Oh. Sorry. I mean.. YAY.. New Bug Reporting system….. 🙁

  • I’ve installed fsx on steam but when i click play it says that i have to have steam running even though steam is running

  • Hi Aimee : This weekend was Horrible . FSX stops writing down my Logbook .In fact NOTHING left in it!
    After some advse I take the all FSX down and uploaded back from STREAN. The Logboook was there …just for only ONE FLIGHT…and gone again…Did the same .Errased all my PC FSX files and did every advise is righting in the STEAM HELP.
    FSX looks to upload back…but at the END I got some bad notice like BLA BLA BLA and such…rolls back the all FSX …and VANISH

    • Hi Arny,

      Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your logbook. If you contact our support team at, they will help you out.

      All the best,


  • Hi Aimee,
    I have been having write permission issues with FSX-SE and want to move FSX away from the C:\Programs structure and relocate it on my D drive. Before I start the uninstall routine, does FSX Steam install into another drive ok, or does steam force the C:\program location?


  • Hi from AUSTRALIA,
    I have bought the MS FSX: Steam edition, and I have signed into Steam and DG. But I am unable to get to anywhere near a down for this FSX. I have the key to add to whatever, as this game has to be down-loaded from who’s site??
    I have typed in all the correct info supplied using and try looking for where I should go to enter my activation code.


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