Discover Europe With FSX: Steam Edition

Put your piloting skills to the test over the Pyrenees with the highly popular Discover Europe flight plan pack from First Class Simulations, now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition.

Following your tour around Europe affords the opportunity to visit Paris, Rome, Madrid, Venice, Prague, Warsaw, Vienna, and a whole host of countries and cities that reflect the multicultural tapestry of the continent.

With a range of flights for both novice and seasoned aviators the developers hope that there is something for everyone, from challenging approaches to a leisurely Mediterranean descent into the playground resorts of the rich and famous.

Pace Your Flights

Also included in the package is a detailed rendition of the Piper Pacer, carefully crafted to be the ideal accompaniment to the journey. Offering both manoeuvrability and benign handling characteristics, the Pacer is a stable platform that is particularly well suited to the role of a sightseeing aircraft. (If one Piper Pacer isn’t enough, try this one from Lionheart Creations!)

The adventure is supported by lavish extras including a tourist’s guide to all the destinations visited, detailed pilot’s notes, a comprehensive briefing and a tutorial for the included Piper aircraft.

Steam Reviews

“This addon is very nice in terms for those “free-flighters” 🙂
Wanted to fly over major destinations over Europe and get to know the beautiful sights?
Go captain!” –Masterfoo

“I really like it. Yes it’s “only” flight plans but with the excellent documentation (altough a bit hidden) it really shines, the Piper Pacer is fun and nimble (it’s showing its age a bit but it doesn’t detract) a big thumbs up for this great little dlc” – TheGreyCount

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