New Year, New Textures!

Resolve to improve your in-sim textures this year with HD Airport Graphics, World Environment 2012, and Natural Tree Environment X all by Zinertek.

Give your favorite default FSX: Steam Edition airport a makeover with Zinertek’s HD Airport Graphics (main image). Useable on all 24k default airports, this package includes over 400 textures which add detail and realism to airports around the world. High definition textures have been applied to huge numbers of ground assets including airport vehicles, taxiway signs, runways, jetways, terminals, hangars, taxiway markings, parking spaces and more. Click here to be directed to the HD Airport Graphics Steam page.

HD Airport Graphics includes the following:

 Airport vehicle enhancements include:

  • New pushback tractors
  • New baggage carts
  • New baggage loaders
  • New pickup trucks
  • New catering service trucks
  • New passenger buses
  • New sewage trucks
  • New forklifts
  • New fuel trucks
  • Detailed night lighting for all airport vehicles

Airport building enhancements include:

  • HD terminals and buildings
  • HD hangars
  • Brand new taxiway signs in HD
  • New jetways
  • New airport warehouses.
  • New control towers in HD.
  • New airport parking garages.
  • New radar towers and VOR stations.
  • New beacon towers.
  • Detailed airport lighting at night

Ground enhancements include:

  • Detailed asphalt and concrete runways
  • Ultra realistic runway seasonal effects (snow and ice effects)
  • Ultra detailed parking spaces
  • Detailed parking stains on the ground
  • Detailed taxiway markings
  • New concrete taxiways.
  • New asphalt taxiways
  • New tarmac and apron textures

Once HD Airport Graphics is installed, the textures will manifest themselves in FSX: Steam Edition automatically. Textures may not appear on some terminals and hangars in major airports such as KJFK, KLAX, LEMD, EGLL and LFPG as they come with their own specific buildings and hangars modelled after their real life counterparts.

Please note HD Airport graphics only updates the default airports. Add-on airports will not be affected or modified in any way.

Once you’ve got your airports sorted, check out Natural Tree Environment X, also by Zinertek.


Natural Tree Environment X changes your tree textures according to in-sim weather.

Natural Tree Environment X is a realistic vegetation texture package which replaces all the auto-gen trees with detailed and realistic ones.

With over 170 new and detailed realistic tree textures in High Definition that greatly enhance your autogen tree experience in FSX: Steam Edition, Natural Tree Environment X instantly changes the appearance of cities, forests, rainforests, jungles, mountains, savannas and the countryside. Whether you are flying over a rainforest in South America or over small town in Europe, you will see new and realistic vegetation during spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Natural Tree Environment X is compatible with both default and add-on scenery, and will automatically be implemented in FSX: Steam Edition once downloaded. Click here for more information.


  • Over 170 new tree textures in high definition
  • New trees for spring, summer, autumn, winter and winter.
  • Improves the appearance of all auto-gen trees around the world.

Complete your Zinertek collection with World Environment 2012, a weather texture package.


This pack features over 250 new textures which significantly enhance the visual environment no matter where and when you fly. Adverse weather conditions become more visually intense, and sunny skies more cheerful with World Environment 2012. Click here to find out more.

Once installed, these textures will be implemented in FSX: Steam Edition automatically.


  • New textures in high definition bring your skies, clouds and environments to life
  • Ultra realistic HD clouds for overcast, broken and scattered conditions.
  • New and more realistic skies with horizon transition and visibility smoothing.
  • New sunrise, morning, noon, afternoon, sunset, and night sky textures.
  • Improved precipitation sounds inside and outside the cockpit.
  • New lightning effects.

Important! Because of the way Steam works, texture packs purchased earlier will take priority over those more recently downloaded. If you have other texture packs installed, you may wish to uninstall them before installing the Zinertek packs.

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