Orbx Scenery Configuration Tool Walkthrough

One of the many perks of Orbx’s Friday Harbor add-on is that it works in conjunction with Orbx’s Configuration Tool for FSX: Steam Edition. This free, easy-to-use tool provides simmers with another dimension of customization within Orbx scenery add-ons, allowing for more extensive control over clutter, textures, static aircraft, and people/nature flow.

How To Install The Orbx Configuration Tool

Firstly, the Configuration Tool will need to be downloaded. To do this navigate to the Tools section within Steam. This can be found in the drop down field when hovering over Library. See the screenshot below as a visual aid.

Orbx Config

After the Tools button has been clicked you will be presented with a list of all available tools that can be downloaded. To find the Orbx Configuration Tool, either look through the list of tools or use the search bar in the top left. The tool you are looking for is called ‘FSX Orbx Configuration Tool’. Once the tool has been found, simply double click it or right click and press Install Game, after this the tool will be downloaded just as a game would be from the games library.

Launching the Configuration Tool

Anytime you want to open the tool and customise the objects in an Orbx scenery package, you simply have to navigate to the Tools library and double click on the ‘FSX Orbx Configuration Tool’ entry. After doing this the tool will pop up and you can go ahead and use it.

The configuration tool itself is not very complex. Your airport add-ons will be displayed on the right and the options on the left are for the airport which is selected. The screenshot below is an example of how the configuration tool will look.

Orbx Config 2

The first set of options enable you to toggle both the Orbx PNW tree textures and the ground detail textures on and off.

The second option enables you to select which Orbx airport add-on you would like to configure. Only Friday Harbor has been released so far, but once Meigs Field has been released, it will show up in the drop down menu here if you have purchased and installed it. Select the airport you wish to customize and the options in the Control Panel will change as appropriate.

The third set of options allows you to select the texture quality you wish to use for your Orbx add-ons (either normal or ultra). Please note that the “ultra” setting may inhibit performance on slower PCs.

The last set of options allow you to enable/disable static aircraft, people flow, vehicles, clutter, and nature flow for an individually tailored airport experience.

If you have any questions about the Orbx config tool, please click here to be directed to our support team.

Happy flying!

-Dovetail Games FSX: Steam Edition team

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