Review: Novawing24 Plays JRW’s Dangerous Approaches

As we are counting down the days to the release of Treasure Hunt, the upcoming FSX: Steam Edition mission pack developed by Jane Rachel Whittaker, we asked popular Youtuber/flight simmer Novawing24 to give us this thoughts on the previous three JRW mission packs: Dangerous Approaches, Cargo Crew, and Arctic Rescue. This is his take on Dangerous Approaches:

Dangerous Approaches

Aviation is full of challenges, the simple task of keeping even the most basic aircraft airborne safely is but the first you will face as a virtual aviator. As we all know the world is not flat, nor are the skies always clear so the challenges of landing safely become exponentially more difficult. Welcome to the world of Dangerous Approaches

This is a mission pack add-on exclusive to FSX:SE brought to us by Jane Whittaker. Dangerous Approaches allows us to relive some of the world’s’ most challenging airport approaches, often coupled by some spectacular scenery. The approaches are considered dangerous for various reasons, terrain, weather phenomenon navigational requirements or sometimes a collection of all of the above.

DA 001


Dangerous Approaches makes use of a wide variety of the fixed wing types included in the default FSX hangar. From the humble Cessna 172 all the way through to the wide bodied 747-400 there is something for everyone’s taste in aircraft here. The provided documentation analogues the choice of aircraft to ones that would fly these trips in real life and, barring the trip to Lukla, I would agree. If you would prefer to fly something else, you can alternatively select your own aircraft after selecting “Enable Changes in Mission”.


Scenery and Weather

Speaking of airfields and scenery, there is no additional scenery with this mission pack and is designed for use with default. Possibly the best part is that it is also fully compatible with most add-on scenery. I have tested it using Orbx products for all the regions visited as well as some add-on airports and have not had any issues. In regards to weather, each mission is set with its own weather theme that sometimes forms part of the challenge. Just like with changing aircraft you can also set your own weather if you want to make your flight more interesting! On that note, Active Sky users, turn off ASN before starting the mission, ASN overwrites any weather settings in-sim (missions or free flight).

DA 002


Twenty missions form the core of this pack. Each one will pit you against a challenging approach with maybe some weather phenomenon, terrain challenges or navigational headaches to test and grow your skills as a virtual aviator. Each is devoid of the traditional mission pointer but instead provides you with a GPS flight plan preloaded into your aircraft to guide you on your way. Be warned that you cannot necessarily always rely on this flight plan, as terrain or weather it may not be the most practical to stick to the little purple line. Additionally, unlike some missions which spawn you right before the action, these missions are each a full flight. The documentation for each mission is for the most part useful, though it references ILS approaches when many of the airports (due to the terrain) use DME approaches.


Dangerous Approaches is an interesting little mission pack with 20 missions ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours as well as a variety of aircraft types. Dangerous Approaches provides an excellent way of experiencing the challenges faced by real-world pilots who fly to these fascinating destinations every day.

DA 004

This week, watch out for more reviews by Novawing24. In the meantime, Click here to visit the Dangerous Approaches Steam page. 


Tristan (aka Novawing24) is a self-professed flight simulation addict and YouTuber. His YouTube channel and live streams are popular among the flight simulation community. His favorite add-ons are the J-160 Jabiru and Active Sky Next.