Santa’s Sleigh – Freeware

Spread ho-ho-holiday cheer in the world of FSX: Steam Edition with this cute little Santa’s sleigh freeware add-on from Patrice Grange (via Simviation)

The sleigh and reindeer aren’t animated as you would expect, but its great fun flying around in the snow regardless. Sleighs don’t have flaps or landing gear, however you must still use the landing gear key “G” when landing (a green light will come on). Landing speed is between 120-130 kts.


  • Jingle bell sounds
  • Custom panel
  • A team of reindeer
  • Drag chute (activated with the spoiler key, “/”)
  • Festive landing lights

Installation Instructions:

In the zip file you download, there are three folders: Effects, Gauges, and Santa_sleigh


In another window, open the following file extension: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonFSX and find the effects folder, gauges folder, and SimObjects folder (see below)


IMPORTANT: When prompted to replace existing files in the FSX folder with the same titles, press SKIP. Do NOT replace FSX: Steam Edition files. 

Copy the contents of the “Effects” folder from the zip file into the “effects” folder highlighted above

Then, copy the contents of the “Gauges” folder from the zip file into the “gauges” folder highlighted above.

Finally, open the SimObjects folder highlighted above. From there open the “Airplanes” folder (see below)


Copy the “Santa_sleigh” folder from the zip file and drop it into the “Airplanes” folder.


Congratulations! You have installed Santa’s Sleigh. Now restart your computer, start up FSX: Steam Edition, and get those presents delivered on time!

Happy Holidays, from the FSX: Steam Edition team

This freeware can be used in FS9, FSX, and Steam Edition. Please note Dovetail Games does not provide support for this nor any other non-Steam add-on.

FSX Admin

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