Cessna C152 II Add-On

  • Product Released: 14 Feb, 2017
  • Steam Reference: 500233

Product Information

Found in flight schools around the world, the classic Cessna 152 has landed on FSX: Steam Edition.

More than 7,500 C152s have been produced, with various options and modifications being introduced by the factory and added by owners over the years. The C152 II variant includes an enhanced standard avionics and navigation package.

Developed by Carenado, the C152 II for FSX: Steam Edition includes two model types (with and without gear fairings) in four liveries, with high quality textures, an animated pilot and accurate modelling of details including antennas, wheel chocks, fuel caps and baggage area.


  • Four coloured liveries.
  • Window reflections
  • Full 3D pilot figure with animations
  • Full propeller effects
  • Modelled details including pitot pressure chamber, antennas, wheel chocks, fuel caps, baggage area
  • Animations include: ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps, trim tab, rotating wheels, operating doors, animated sun visors, operating door windows, glove compartment, fresh air outlets, vibrating radio antenna, opening ashtray, and the co-pilot seat back also tilts forward.
  • Realistic aircraft performance based on real aircraft information and pilot observations
  • High fidelity custom sound set
  • Custom panel and gauges
  • Built-in zoom gauges featuring authentic lighting effects
  • Night light effects on panel
  • Yokes can be shown/hidden by mouse click in VC
  • Cast shadows on VC
  • External dynamic shadows cast
  • Normal and specular mapping
  • Bloom lights