Fair Dinkum Flights Add-On

  • Product Released: 18 Jan, 2017
  • Steam Reference: 536576

Product Information

Fair Dinkum Flights, developed by Turbulent Designs, is a mission pack designed to give you the full Australian experience! These ten missions will give you a taste of the kinds of activities undertaken by pilots in Australia every single day including sightseeing tours, cattle mustering, and firefighting.

You’ll be using a wide variety of aircraft all included in core FSX: Steam Edition including the Cessna 172, Cessna C208 Grand Caravan, Robinson R22, Agusta Westland EH101, Bell 206B, Beech King Air 350, Beech Baron B58 and even the Boeing F/A-18 Hornet!

The missions are intended to be played in any order you choose depending on your skill level and preference.


  • Dusk Cattle Muster
  • Bushfire Rescue
  • Intercept!
  • Angel Flight
  • Bush Telegraph
  • Bushfire Patrol
  • Missing Charter Boat
  • Solar Repair
  • Offshore Medivac
  • Sydney Sightseeing Tour

Fair Dinkum Flights missions are listed in the ‘Australian Experience’ category in the FSX:SE mission menu. To select a Fair Dinkum Flights mission, use the ‘Category’ dropdown to select ‘Australian Experience’.