FS Global 2010 Add-On

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  • Product Released: 3 February 2016
  • Steam Reference: 379551

Product Information

FS Global 2010 is a terrain enhancement pack for FSX: Steam Edition developed by PILOTS! which provides updated 3D mesh scenery for the whole world, including areas that are not covered by SRTM data such as Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Russia and Scandinavia. FS Global corrects and refines the terrain profiling by using new data sources which are able to offer a finer resolution (up to 9 metres) resulting in more accurate terrain

Please note: 25GB hard disk space is required to install this add-on. Please check data costs with your broadband provider before commencing download.


  • FS-Mesh- and source data in 9m resolution for Hawaii (complete) and the southwest of the US, south of 38’N and west of 108’W.
  • High quality coverage of North America (and parts of Canada!): nationwide LOD11 (19m)
  • Greenland, Iceland and Scandinavia in LOD 9 (76m; standard SRTM resolution)
  • Additional improved resolution around Europe including: High Tatra, Scottland, Hardangervidda (Norway)
  • More detailed mesh for Antarctica and Northern Russia
  • Corrected views of ridges and peaks
  • Reduction of irrelevant data for higher data compression
  • New algorithm for finding and correcting errors