Night Environment: Pennsylvania Add-On

  • Product Released: 13th October 2016
  • Steam Reference: 500205

Product Information

Night Environment: Pennsylvania for FSX: Steam Edition revolutionizes your VFR night flying experience. Using a series of databases, this add-on implements authentic and immersive lighting to different road types and other areas. Thousands of lights clearly illuminate highways that connect cities and smaller roads which link neighbourhoods.
The Night Environment database contains more road data than default FSX: Steam Edition, so roads you may not see during the day become visible at night. All lights are visible for up to 60 miles for a more immersive experience. All highway lights are raised above the surface and have a lit bitmap below them, giving them a 3D feel.

Night Environment: Pennsylvania also comes with a configuration tool (Night Environment Manager v1.8) so you can customize the intensity of your night flying experience.


  • Full coverage of the state of Pennsylvania, USA
  • All major roads and most minor roads illuminated
  • Compatible with 3rd party scenery products including Orbx FTX and all photo scenery
  • Configurable for hardware performance
  • Configuration tool (accessible via the Tools section of your Steam library)