Slice Through The Skies With Aerosoft’s Award-Winning Katana

Aerosoft’s DA20-100 Katana 4X, winner of PC Pilot’s prestigious Platinum Award and the 2012 simFlight award, is now available for FSX: Steam Edition.

Aerosoft’s DA-20-100 Katana is proof of the old saying “what looks good, flies good”. The Katana is a cutting-edge GA aircraft made out of fibre-reinforced composites. Originally designed to be a training aircraft, it is primarily by private pilots who enjoy the wonderful flight dynamics and its economical running costs. The FSX: Steam Edition version of the DA-20 gives you the full owner’s experience as you do the maintenance and cleaning, and even decide what type of oil to use using the in-game menu. You can also reset the aircraft via the aircraft configuration tool in the “Tools” section of your Steam library.

The DA-20 for FSX: Steam Edition comes with three modes:

  • Realistic – Wear and damage can encounter and will be stored. Fluids will be used and the aircraft can get dirty. Maintenance and services are available. Flight hours and landings will be counted and special features unlocked.
  • Simple – No wear and damage will be simulated. Aircraft stays clean. Flight hours and landings are not locked. No special features.
  • Instructor – Aircraft is as new every reload. Wear and damage can encounter or be triggered but will not be stored. Fluids will be used and the aircraft can get dirty. Flight hours and landings will not be counted and no special features are available. Instructor Panels are available.

Additionally, the airframe is fully operational and with canopy animations including opening cowling, fuel tank covers and oil access doors, and wear and tear, and your aircraft can also get dirty as you fly. Please note that while this aircraft has a 2D cockpit view, it is not supported.

The level of realism in the Rotax 9125 engine is more than ample. You can even hand start the engine via the prop! The Katana is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, as well as a fully simulated carburettor and fuel system. This combined with both sound and visual effects (every operational switch has its own sound) makes the Aerosoft Diamond DA20-100 a shining addition to your FSX: Steam Edition fleet.

Click here to add this gem of an aircraft to your Steam collection!

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