Splash Into The Seabee!

It’s always summer in FSX: Steam Edition (depending on your weather settings) which means it’s the perfect time to try an amphibious aircraft!

The Republic RC-3 Seabee is an amphibious aircraft, which means it is capable of taking off and landing on both land and water. Originally manufactured as a military aircraft, the civilian version of the Seabee was made available after World War II ended, but was discontinued shortly afterwards. The Seabee continues to be used by air charter companies and amongst private owners.

KC Flight Shop’s version of the Republic RC-3 Seabee for FSX: Steam Edition comes fully loaded with 7 HD paint schemes, an original checklist, an Owner’s Manual, and a Parts Catalogue. This add-on was tested by real life Seabee pilots and owners for accuracy and authenticity.

Additional features include:

KC Flight Shop's Republic RC-3 Seabee V2

KC Flight Shop’s Republic RC-3 Seabee V2

  • HD quality textures
  • 3D gauges.
  • Authentic HQ digital stereo sounds
  • Fully animated pilot and passenger
  • Kneeboard checklist with performance tables
  • Realistic night lighting in the virtual cockpit
  • External dynamic shadowing as well as internal dynamic shadows on VC
  • Volumetric normal mapping, specular mapping & bloom lights.
  • FPS-friendly model
  • Interactive virtual cockpit
  • Fully animated ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps, rolling wheels, and trim tab
  • Animated Doors
  • Lights: Panel Lights, Navigation lights, landing and cabin lights.
  • Fully normal mapped interior.

The Seabee pairs perfectly with REX’s Texture Direct 4, which among other things, can make your water effects appear positively luminous!

KC Flight Shop’s Republic RC-3 Seabee V2 is now available here in the FSX:SE Steam shop.

Steam Reviews

“Seabee is a fun and unique aircraft. At first glance it’s like the ugly duckling, but after I flew it I have to admit it is quickly growing on me.

It is by no means any long range aircraft since it’s fairly slow and the fuel tank is not large. It also lacks a proper autopilot and it has limited navigation capabilities (besides the GPS). However, this means you will mostly be flying manually rather than just set-and-forget an autopilot. This makes it an excellent VFR airplane which sports both water landing and normal landings on regular runways.

I’ve been flying mine in Alaska and it’s been incredible fun. So much, in fact, that I added it as an aircraft for my FSPassengers company. Hopping from lake to lake, or switching between water and dry-land landing and take-off is a lot of fun, and the minimalistic autopilot means you’ll be hands-on flying for the majority of the time.

Absolutely recommend it. As a bonus, you get a girl to ride with you in the co-pilot seat as well :)” – Ghroznak

If dogfighting is more your style, be sure to check out the Messerschmitt Bf 109 from Just Flight, now available on Steam. The perfect complement to JF’s Battle of Britain Spitfire (also available on Steam) the Bf 109 is an agile interceptor notoriously used by Germany during World War II. In addition to interception, the 109 was also used for reconnaissance, air-ground attacks, and as both a fighter and bomber aircraft. This famous aircraft saw action on many fronts, from the skies over Europe to Russia and down to the heat of North Africa.

Just Flight’s incarnation of the Me 109 for FSX: Steam Edition includes two versions: the Bf 109 E4 Battle of Britain version and the Bf 109 E4 tropical version both with fully loaded virtual cockpits.

Just Flight's Messerschmitt Bf109

Just Flight’s Messerschmitt Bf 109

Features include:

  • Highly detailed exterior models
  • High-quality interactive 3-D Virtual Cockpit
  • Canopy jettison feature
  • 17 highly authentic liveries
  • Animated pilot figure
  • Detailed Daimler Benz engine & nose guns visible
  • Numerous animations
  • High fidelity flight model
  • Detailed manual
  • Engine start and gun effects
  • Multiple view points
  • Auto-slats

Experience the thrill of World War II dogfighting and check out the Just Flight Me 109 on the Steam store here

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