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Greetings fellow flight simmers! We hope you are enjoying your FSX: Steam Edition experience. This article is about flight simulation-focused resources and community websites.  Whether you are a veteran simmer or new to the world of FSX, there are lots of websites out there where you can learn anything you could possibly want to know about flight simulation. Additionally, there are loads of forums and groups so you can share your enthusiasm for flight sim with similar-minded people.

Flight simulation can be fun, immersive, and addictive, and now we have compiled a list of the community resources that make it so. If you have any favorite FSX: Steam Edition related community sites that we may have missed, feel free to add them in the comments section below.

Dovetail Games’ Channels

The first and foremost news source for FSX: Steam Edition is this website, the FSX Insider. Here is where we post articles on the latest add-ons, news, and events in the FSX: Steam Edition world. Aimee is usually on hand to respond to comments and answer any questions you have on the site.

Additionally, you can submit your own FSX-related articles to share with your fellow simmers on the Insider. To do this, click “Submit an Article” on the top right hand corner.

We have a dedicated community team to keep you up to date with the latest news, events, sales, and all-around aviation goodness from Dovetail Games. The following links are social networks and community websites managed by our fabulous community team. Click on each of the headers below to be directed to your social network of choice:


Join us on the world’s favourite social network for all the latest news, add-on previews and releases.


Do you prefer to talk in 140 characters or less? Come and find us on Twitter. @fsxinsider is your home for the latest info about both FSX: Steam Edition and the wider aviation scene.


The FSX:SE YouTube channel is home to a host of great video content from both the Dovetail Games team and our partners. Here you will find trailers, guides, aviation focused TV shows, Twitch catch-ups and lots more. Simply pick a playlist, sit back, and enjoy.

FSX: Steam Edition Forums 

Whether you are looking for technical help, modding advice, guides to the best add-ons or hardware the FSX: Steam Edition Forum has a thread for you. The most populated of our social networks, our forum is filled with seasoned simmers and newbies alike sharing their advice and experiences. The FSX:SE forums are also great for finding other players for multiplayer scenarios.

In addition to our community channels, we also have a support team working hard to make sure your FSX: Steam Edition experience runs as smoothly as possible. You can always access our support team by clicking the “Support” link at the top of the page.

Community Hubs, Forums & Publications

Until recently, the flight simulation community has existed almost exclusively in forums. Like the FSX: Steam Edition forum, these are places players can go to exchange flying tips, review software and hardware, ask for technical advice, etc.

  • AVSIM – If you have a question or need advice from seasoned flight simmers, AVSIM is where you want to be. The knowledge contained on this forum is endless. Additionally,  AVSIM offers reviews on the latest software and hardware as well as a freeware library.
  • – Predominantly known for their extensive freeware library, has been around since the days of FS95. You can also find the latest news and releases here.
  • Mutley’s Hangar – Mutley’s Hangar is a UK-based flight simulation community site based mainly around news, reviews, and the latest release announcements. They also have
  • AirDailyX – AirDailyX is a community news site which features interviews with prominent members of the community and exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming titles. They also have an extensive review listing.
  • PC Pilots Ireland – Based in Dublin, PC Pilots Ireland offers freeware downloads, reviews, and you can even subscribe to their quarterly print publication!
  • PC Pilot (Print Magazine) – PC Pilot is the premier English language print source for all things flight simulation. Published six times a year, it covers all aspects and genres of flight simulation from general aviation to commercial flying and even military sims.


Flight simulation is often thought of as a solitary activity, but we can be a social bunch as well. Flight simulation events and meet-ups are getting more and more common in both Europe and the United States. Additionally, there are all sorts of online events held all year long such as such as fly-ins, group flights, and even virtual air show displays!

German Flight Simulation Conference (Berlin, DE)

FlightSimCon (Connecticut, USA)

Flight Sim Show (Cosford, UK)

FSWeekend (Lelystad, NL)

Community Groups

One of the coolest experiences you can have is attending a local flight sim group meeting. Members tend to be interested in different aspects of flight simulation ranging from computers and hardware to real world aviation. Especially if you are new to flight simulation, we fully recommend getting involved. It really makes a difference having someone next to you, showing you the ropes! Here are a few groups to get you started:

Gatwick Flight Sim Group–  South East UK

Southwest Flight Sim Group– South Devon, UK

North East Flight Sim Group – UK

Northwest Flight Sim Group– South Manchester, UK

While the groups mentioned above are all UK-based, we would love to hear from simmers from all over the world – if you have an FSX-related group, event, or website not listed here, go ahead and put them in the comment section below.

Happy flying!

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