Third Party Spotlight: Just Flight

Just Flight is a UK based developer and publisher of flight simulation software. We were founded in 1997 by Andy Payne, Mungo Leir and Roger Large (Mungo and Roger have since moved to other companies) and we focused 100% on building additional content for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator. Over the years we have led the market by producing high quality, critically acclaimed products such as Concorde, VFR Real Scenery, the Traffic series, 747 200/300 Series, Harrier Jump Jet, The Dam Busters, Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary, Canberra PR9, Air Hauler and many, many more including the much anticipated Tornado which will be released very soon.

Quality, accuracy, detail are all treated as essential cornerstones of our work. As aviation enthusiasts first and business people second, we pride ourselves in never settling for second best. Our team are not only passionate, driven and enthusiastic, but they are incredibly experienced and loyal.

Led by Alex Ford, who has been with us from the very start, Alex ensures nothing and no one gets past him that does not conform to the highest standards. Dermot handles everything that the company does and is both the glue and the engine! Scott makes sure we communicate what we do, clearly and regularly to our audiences. Richard and Martyn are our lead producers and hands on developers in one. They work with our external development partners and well as getting deep into code. Simon is our digital marketing expert, making sure we are always ahead of the game in everything social and digital and always getting Google on our side. Mark runs our websites and handles all aspects of documentation and localisation. Louise runs all finance, making sure we account for tax, pay our royalties and get paid by our partners. Martin, Tom, Mark and Mark are also hands on researching and developing our products.


But there is another key tenet to Just Flight outside of our people and our products and that is our community.  We were one of the very first simulation or games companies to identify that we not only had, but really valued the feedback and enthusiasm of our fans. Our fans are the most important part of our business. They guide us, they help us, they pay our wages and above all they keep us honest. Our fans come together as a community. Indeed, we built a community, or more accurately, our fans built a community, way back before any games publishers knew what that word would come to mean.  Today, the flight simulation community is global, connected and gigantic and we would like to think that Just Flight have played a vital part in that evolution.

Indeed, key to our relationship with our fans is our ability to deliver our products digitally, directly and reliably.  Back in 2004, as short-sighted, profit driven, large conventional bricks and mortar retailers started to question whether there was an audience for these ‘niche’ simulations, we decided we had to build our own download systems so that we could service our fans’ direct. Effectively, we cut out the middle men. And we built this technology and capacity through a mix of sheer grit and determination, with a generous dose of skill and enterprise. In effect we were pioneers and we were selling digital downloads direct to our fans long before the household names in retail and publishing realised they needed to ‘get into digital’. Everything we make and do can be found here.

We have built partnerships with airlines, airline manufacturers and other partners in order to ensure we deliver that all-important accuracy and we have even more significant relationships to announce very soon.

But for now, the exciting news is that we have partnered with train sim experts, Dovetail Games, to bring some of our flight simulation products to Steam. The first set of these products is the critically acclaimed and commercially successful VFR Real Scenery packs which are launching soon.

We hope you enjoy our products and that we can help you to grow your hobby. If you are already a Just Flight fan, then thank you. If you are going to be one, well thank you too and welcome aboard. The Spirit of Flight Simulation burns brightly amongst us all!

 -Andy Payne, founder, February 2015

Images: Main image: Screenshot from VFR Scenery Vol. 1: Southeast England, Image below from VFR Scenery Vol. 2: Central & Southern England

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