Transitioning From Boxed FSX to FSX:SE – Reinstalling Steam Add-Ons

Please note: This part of the tutorial is only applicable if you have installed FSX: Steam Edition Add-Ons before you completely uninstalled boxed FSX. If this does not apply to you, click here for the full article on how to load your boxed settings to FSX: Steam Edition, or click here to be directed to the first part of the guide which explains how to remove all traces of boxed FSX from your PC.

When you bring FSX:SE back to your sim with a reinstall and you have purchased DLC for it, some very quirky things can happen. In this short addendum I will guide you through how to resolve these issues.

Let us take for the purpose of this example Orbx’s Friday Harbor add-on for FSX:SE. When we are start for the first time we are presented with this pop up as it is loading in for the first time:

install 002

This simply indicates that the DLC management system cannot write the presence of your add-ons to the file that FSX:SE uses to load scenery data. To check that this is indeed the case, load a free flight starting at KFHR and take note of what you see:

install 015

This is unfortunately a known issue with FSX:SE, and only appears to occur when doing a reinstall, or when FSX:SE has to re-write core files if they become damaged or require replacing (eg they were deleted). But never fear there is a simple, if somewhat laboriuous solution.

Close FSX (if running), before navigating to your FSX:SE installation directory then to the DLC folder. Inside you will see a number of numbered folders. Each of these folders represent DLC content purchased for the simulator.

install 026

From here go into EACH of the DLC folders and look for a file called “_InstallDLC.bat”

install 016

This is a batch file that puts the content of the DLC into where FSX:SE can see it and use it. In my research, it only appears to affect DLC that utilizes custom scenery, not aircraft alone. Double click on the file, it will execute (it only usually takes a few seconds. You may or may not see a command prompt flash up, but it should work.

install 017

As I said this is a laborious process depending of course on how much DLC you have purchased. Once complete restart your PC then start FSX:SE again. Load in once again to the offending scenery and PRESTO we are back to experiencing the glory of our DLC.

install 018

See? Perfect! 🙂

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