Using The Active Sky Next Configuration Tool

Like several of our other add-ons including SIM720 and Orbx airports, Active Sky Next functions based on a config tool found in your Steam library.

To get started customizing your FSX: Steam Edition experience with this fabulous weather engine, follow these steps:

How To Install The Active Sky Next Configuration Tool

Firstly, the Configuration Tool will need to be downloaded. To do this navigate to the Tools section within Steam. This can be found in the drop down field when hovering over Library. See the screenshot below as a visual aid.

Orbx Config

After the Tools button has been clicked you will be presented with a list of all available tools that can be downloaded. To find the ASN Configuration Tool, either look through the list of tools or use the search bar in the top left. The tool you are looking for is called ‘FSX Active Sky Next Configuration Tool’. Once the tool has been found, simply double click it or right click and press Install Game, after this the tool will be downloaded just as a game would be from the games library.

Launching the Configuration Tool

Anytime you want to open Active Sky Next, you simply have to navigate to the Tools library and double click on the ‘FSX Active Sky Next Configuration Tool’ entry. After doing this the tool will pop up and you can go ahead and use it.

The screenshot below is an example of how the ASN tool will look.


If you are having trouble opening Active Sky next, please contact us via our support site at

Happy flying!

FSX Admin

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