“Witamy w Polsce!” from FSX: Steam Edition

If flying around in Eastern Europe is your thing, we have great news for you! SimDesign’s VFR Poland NW and VFR Poland SW are now available for FSX: Steam Edition.

These scenery packs cover the northwestern and southwestern regions of Poland. Based on SPOT5 multispectral satellite images geometrically and radiometrically corrected to create a seamless mosaic, this scenery reproduces the real ground surface characteristics using 2.5 m/px  resolution ground textures, a hydrological layer and autogen.

The Republic of Poland is located in Central Europe, lying between E014°07′ and E024°08′, and N49°00′ and N54°50′. It has a latitudinal distance of 649 km and a longitudinal distance of 689 km. Poland borders Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the south, Ukraine and Belarus in the east, Lithuania in the north-east and the Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia in the north. Most of the northern border consists of the coast of the Baltic Sea.


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